About the Toolbar

(Updated 08/25/2022)


Overall Overview

 Select Target Version

Sets the target version of the model.


 Switch workspace

 Switches between Modeling/Animation/Form Animation workspaces.

 Edit Level Switching  The editing method can be switched at three levels.
• Level edit 1...Edit detailed part Shortcut key [1]
• Level edit 2...Normal editing Shortcut key [2]
• Level edit 3...Editing in large frames Shortcut key [3]
The level switches to the respective level when editing a “Deformation Path” or “Warp Deformer”. 
The default Level edit is [2].
 Edit Texture Atlas  Edit texture size, etc. when exporting moc3 files for SDK.
 Manual mesh editing  The shape of the mesh can be edited. However, the texture is not deformed.
 Automatic Mesh generator  The mesh can be generated automatically without typing polygon vertices.
By dragging the numerical values horizontally, the set values for each item are automatically reflected in the mesh shape.
 Create Warp Deformer  Create a warp deformer.
The “Sequential Creation” feature allows you to create warp deformers while building parent-child relationships in succession.
 Create Rotation Deformer  Creates a rotational deformer.
The “Sequential Creation” feature allows you to create rotational deformers while building parent-child relationships in succession.
 Rotation Deformer Creation Tool  Quickly create a rotated deformer by dragging on the view.
 Arrow tool  Used to select and edit objects.
• Shift + drag for multiple selections
• Rectangle selection by dragging
 Lasso Tool  You can drag around the lasso selection.
 Brush Selection tool  You can select different areas of influence as if you were shading with a brush.
• B + drag to change brush size
 Deform Path edit By setting control points on the ArtMesh, you can move vertices collectively.
Deform Brush Tool You can deform vertices as if you were painting with a brush, or you can shape the split points of a warp deformer.
Edit Glue  The glue allows the vertices of two ArtMeshes to adhere to each other. However, three cannot be used at the same time.
ArtPath Tools You can create and edit new ArtPath.
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