Deformed Brush

(Updated 08/25/2022)

Intuitive editing tool with brushes.
There are two types of brushes: the [Transform Brush], which transforms the shape of art meshes, art paths, and warp deformers, and the
[Warp Deformer Shaping Brush], which shapes warp deformers.

Transform Brush (for Art Mesh) Warp deformer shaping brush


Brush Types and Usage

Click the [Deform Brush Tool] button on the toolbar.

Select a brush using the buttons in the Tool Details palette.
The two types of brushes each have different target objects that can be adjusted.

Deformed Brush

You can deform the target object as if you were painting with a brush.
This is a recommended feature that allows you to edit vertices collectively even in form animation.

Transformation target:

ArtMesh ArtPath Warp Deformer

* The warp deformer edits the [split point], which is the intersection of the number of splits in the transformation.


Warp deformer shaping brush

Warp deformer division points can be aligned as if they were brushed.
The split point is adjusted to be smooth based on the position of the handle.
It is also useful for correcting the collapse of division points while deforming.

Subject to plastic surgery:

Warp Deformer


Brush Adjustment

Brush settings can be changed from the Tool Details palette.
Let's adjust it to fit the object in question.
This setting is stored in each of the [Transform Brush] and [Warp Deformer Shaping Brush].


Adjusts the degree of influence of the deformation.
The larger the value, the greater the deformation, and at 0%, no deformation at all.

Weight 10% Weight 100%

Brush Size

Adjusts the size of the deformation influence range.
It is recommended to use [B]+drag to change the brush size.

Brush hardness

Adjusts how far away from the center of the brush the weights begin to decay.
The smaller the value of brush hardness, the closer the distance at which the weight begins to decay, and at 100%, the weight does not decay at all and is constant up to the limit of the brush size.
(In the reference video below, the weight is set to 100% for easy visibility.)

Brush stiffness 30% Brush stiffness 100%

Weight color

Set the color to visualize the weights.
It can be changed, and the color display can be turned off by setting a transparent color.


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