Create a form animation (FA)

(Updated 11/26/2020)

Edit form animations as you would deformations performed in the modeling view.


Create Form Edit Keyframe

Open the can3 file and select the scene for form editing.
Click the Start Form Editing button on the Timeline palette.

The form animation view is displayed.

Select the object to be edited and
click [Create Form Edit Keyframe] in the right-click menu.

The selected object will appear in the property group of the timeline form edit and a keyframe will be added.
If you select an object within a part, the parts of that object will also be displayed.

Parts can be shown or hidden with the [Show/Hide Parts] button.
As the number of displayed parts increases, edit efficiently by switching between display and non-display.



Delete form edit key

Right-click on the Form Edit key and the Form Edit property group, then click
[Delete Form Edit] to delete.



Transforming objects on the timeline

Deforms the object directly on the view at the frame position to be deformed.
The motion between keyframes of the deformed object is interpolated.


Clicking [Reset Form Edits] will reset the form shape and key in the default values.
It can also be used to change the timing before transformation.


  • Changing the shape or position of a warp deformer or rotational deformer without deforming the object (e.g., [Ctrl]+drag) will change the model structure.
    Do not perform the above operations on the form animation view, as it will affect the model data.

  • Form animations are edited with “Lock Default Forms” unlocked. (because it can be freely deformed without parameter restrictions)
    Please note that “Lock default Deformer” set in the model will be removed when the Form Animation View is opened.


Show/hide form editing

Form deformation information does not affect the model data.
You can see the state of the form before editing by clicking on [Show/Hide Form Editing] in the Form Editing Properties on the Animation View.



Adjust drawing order and opacity

Select the object whose opacity you want to change and change the opacity from the inspector.
The drawing order can be changed using the same procedure plus a slider on the left side of the view.

Parts for which drawing order groups are set can be changed in the same way.
From the Parts palette, select the part for which the drawing order group is set and change the drawing order either on the inspector or from the slider in the view.

The drawing order group is generated as a dedicated property when changes are made.



Shy other than selected objects

When the number of object properties in the form editing property group increases, it is useful to shy away from properties that are not being edited.
Although the normal shy function can be used, it is possible to select and display only those objects to which form editing has been applied by clicking [Show only selected Form Edit object] in the menu on the right side of the Apply Shy button.
For information on how to use the Shy function in general, see “Shy Function”.




Form animation views cannot be open at the same time if there are tracks of the same model in the timeline.
Please close the form animation view once when editing.

However, multiple views can be added from the Form Animation View tab.



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