Record Parameter Operations and Generate Animations

Parameter operations can be recorded and animations can be generated automatically.
(Both random animation and manual parameter manipulation are recorded.)

How to Record Parameter Operations

(1) Record button:
Clicking the Record button displays “Recording…” in the lower right corner in the View, and the parameters you moved during that time are saved as keyframes.

(2) Recording Settings:
Sets how animations and motions are created.

Generate new animation data:
Create a new CAN3 file.

Add to current animation data:
Add a scene to the currently linked CAN3 file.

Click the Record button and move the parameters.

Clicking the Record button again will stop recording and output the keyframes on the timeline as set.

Selecting “Add to current animation data” in the settings will add the scene to the currently linked CAN3 file.

Automatic Keyframe Generation with Random Poses

When a model is being set in motion automatically in Random Pose, clicking the Record button will automatically generate keyframes.

See “Random Pose” for a detailed explanation of Random Poses.

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