Scripts for Photoshop

(Updated 09/04/2019)

We distribute two scripts that can be used to create PSDs for import.
We hope you will find this script useful.



Please visit the following page to download the file.

“Scripts for Photoshop Download”



The following processes are performed on Photoshop's layer structure to convert it into a layer that can be imported into Live2D.

  • Group merging (prefixing a group name with * prevents merging)
  • Layer mask merging
  • Combining Clipping Masks
  • Deletion of path information (*1)

*1 “PSDs saved in PhotoshopCC2019 cannot be imported properly if they contain working paths, etc.”
    To address the problem, the path information is removed in advance before merging.


Update History

v1.4 (04/08/2019)

  • Faster processing when merging.
  • Fixed a bug that caused drawing results to change depending on the processing steps.
  • Fixed a problem in which the quick mask mode state was not merging properly.

v1.3 (02/28/2019)

  • Fixed to not apply when layer mask is not enabled.

v1.2 (02/25/2019)

  • To address the issue of “PSDs saved in PhotoshopCC2019 that contain working paths, etc., will not import properly,”
    path information is removed in advance before merging.

v1.1 (08/23/2014)

  • Problem solved where hidden groups would remain hidden after processing.



Remove eraser residue and other small debris against Photoshop's layer structure.


Update History

v1.1 (02/03/2015)

  • Resolved a problem in which the Quick Mask would not work properly when the setting is “Color to Mask Range”
    in the user's environment.
  • The contents of a group layer can also be trashed.


  • Group and layer names should not be the same.
    * If a group or layer name is duplicated, the drawing on one of the layers will be deleted.
  • Please use after applying the Live2D_Preprocess script.

Introduction Method

Extracting the Zip file generates a script file (.jsx).
Open the PSD image file you wish to process in Photoshop and begin processing it in one of the following ways.
  • Drag and drop the script file into the gap next to the tab with the file name to start the process.
  • Select the script file in Photoshop's “File” > “Script” > “Browse” to start the process.
  • Put the jsx file into the scripts folder in Photoshop.
    Windows: C: ¥Program Files¥Adobe¥Adobe Photoshop CC (64 Bit)¥Presets¥Scripts
    Mac: Applications/Adobe Photoshop CC/Presets/Scripts
    Once the files are in the folder, restart Photoshop.
    It can now be executed from the [File] menu -> [Script].

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