Solo Function

(Updated 01/08/2019)

This function allows immediate stand-alone viewing and editing of selected objects.


Operation of the Solo function

Select the object you wish to partially view or edit and click the [Solo] button in the view area.

After switching to Solo mode, the [inactive] areas other than the selected object will be grayed out and temporarily locked so that they cannot be edited.

Selected objects are displayed in the foreground for easy editing.
Other objects are displayed on the back in a translucent state, but in Solo mode, objects are temporarily locked to prevent accidental deformation.


The Solo feature can also be used for multiple ArtMeshes and deformers.

You can adjust the color and opacity by pressing down on the [Inactive Color] color setting box in the upper left corner of the view area.
If the color of the model makes it difficult to see, change it.



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