File Menu

(Updated 08/25/2022)

This section describes the File menu.

Item Details
Newly created

Create new model data.
Shortcut key [Ctrl] + [N]

Creates new animation data.
Shortcut key [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [N]

Open Open a file that has already been created.
Shortcut key [Ctrl] + [O]
Open Recent File Open the previously opened file.
Shortcut keys [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [O]
Recent Files Open recently opened files.
Close Closes the currently displayed file.
Close all Closes all currently open files.
Save Save the currently displayed file.
Shortcut key [Ctrl] + [S]
Save As Saves the currently displayed file as an alias.
Shortcut key [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [S]
Apply Template

Apply the template model.

For detailed instructions, please refer to the “Template Function” page.

Export Image/Movie Image:
Export the displayed model as a PNG image.

GIF animation:
Export the currently displayed scene as a GIF animation.

Still image (sequential number):
The currently displayed scene is exported as sequentially numbered still images.
Shortcut key [Ctrl] + [I]

PSD images (beta):
Export the displayed model as a PSD image.
Shortcut key [Ctrl] + [P]

The currently displayed scene is exported as a movie.

For detailed instructions on how to export images and movies, please refer to the “Exporting Images and Movies” page.

Export For Runtime Export as moc3 file:
Export the currently displayed model as a moc3 file.
Shortcut key [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [S]

Export Physics settings:
Export the physics settings for the currently displayed model.

Export motion file:
Export the currently displayed animation data as a motion file.
Shortcut keys [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] + [S]

For detailed instructions on how to export embedded files, please refer to the “Embedded Data” page.


Switch languages.

Switch to language
 You can select from [Japanese], [English], [Korean], or [Chinese].

• Revert to the language of the installation (Windows version)
Switches to the language selected during installation.

• Revert to OS system language (macOS version)
It will refer to the language of the OS.

The following are the specifications at the time of language setting.
• The language will be switched when the editor is restarted after setting.
• Language settings are shared within editors of the same minor version (e.g., 4.2 series).
• Language switching, which is done through the editor's [Setting] menu, takes precedence over the installation settings and OS settings.

Canvas Background color:
Sets the background color of the canvas.
• Background color
• Reset Background color

Grid settings:
Sets the grid spacing.

Temporary snapshot quality settings:
Opens the temporary snapshot quality settings dialog.

Automatic workspace switching according to tab selection:
If checked, the workspace will automatically switch to match the contents of the currently selected tab, such as model or animation.

Lock the inspector when an object is locked:
When locking an object from the [Deformer] or [Part] palettes,
the information in the inspector palette is also locked.

Numbering at the end of names when pasting objects:
When pasting an object, add a number to the end of the name to make it easier to identify.

Keyboard Shortcuts:
Set keyboard shortcuts.

Add (X) to the end of file names when saving cmo3,can3 under a different file name:
When saving “xxxx_t01.cmo3” under a different name,
it becomes “xxxx_t01(1).cmo3” when this setting is enabled and “xxxx_t02.cmo3” when disabled.

Open destination location after saving and exporting:
If unchecked, the destination folder will not open after saving or exporting.

Auto Backup Settings:
Open the dialog for Auto Backup Settings.

Always show up the warning of mask:
A warning is now issued if the mask used for clipping masks is in an incorrect state.
For details, please refer to the “Clipping Mask” page.

Show update information during startup:
Displays a notification dialog when there is an editor update.

Redisplay all dialogs that are hidden:
Re-display the dialogs checked in the [Do not display next time] box in a batch.

Reset dialog size and position:
Initializes the size and position of all dialogs.

Model Statistics Displays model statistics.
Canvas setting Set the canvas size.
Model Resizing Resize the model.
Exit Exit Cubism Editor.
Shortcut key [Alt] + [F4]


* Cubism Editor 3 has a feature to assist with compatibility to 2.1.

Item Details
Saved as 2.1 model data (cmox) Save the currently displayed model as a Cubism2.1 specification model (.cmox).
Export For Runtime moc file export (for 2.1):
Export the currently displayed model as a moc file.

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