File type and extension

(Updated 12/20/2018)

Below is a list of files and file extensions used by Live2D Cubism.


File Type


extension Icon Contents
.cmo3 Model Workspace is an editor for creating Live2D models.
The model data handled by this editor are .cmo3 format files.
.cmp3 The model workspace exports parts of the model in cmp3 format.
Parts can be loaded into other model data.
.moc3 The model workspace will export the final file in .moc3 format.
.moc3 is the Live2D model data used in the program.
.model3.json Export a model configuration file. The data to be linked are as follows.
• Live2D model data (.moc3) to be used in the program
• Texture data (.png)
• Physics calculation setting data (.physics3.json)
• List of parameters set for blinking and lip-sync
.physics3.json Export physics settings.
.physics3.json is the physics calculation settings used in the program.
.userdata3.json This data contains the set values of user data.



extension Icon Contents
.can3 The Animation Workspace is an editor for creating animations using Live2D models.
This editor's projects are saved as .can3 format files.
.ctmp3 Animation template data.
.motion3.json The animation workspace will eventually export a .motion.json format file.
motion3.json is the motion data for the Live2D model used in the program.


Cubism3 Viewer (for OW)

extension Icon Contents
.pose3.json This data is used to reflect the arm switching mechanism created in the model and motion.
.exp3.json Data converted from .motion3.json for facial expressions created in the animation workspace as .exp3.json.

Specifications Changed from Cubism3

Model data now includes data for physics calculation settings.

Motion data is no longer included.

The [.mtn] in Cubism 2.1 has been changed to [.motion3.json]. (extension change)



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