Paste Form Special

Updated: 05/19/2022

This function allows you to select the desired properties (Vertices Info, Opacity, Draw Order, etc.) when pasting a form, and paste them into a keyform.

How to Paste

Click the [Modeling] menu -> [Edit Form] -> [Options for Paste Form Special].

When executed, a dialog box appears.
When “Paste Form” and “Blend Form” are executed, only properties for which the relevant checkbox is selected will be reflected in the keyform.


  • The Paste Form Special function is only available when the dialog box is displayed.
  • While the dialog box is hidden, the conventional paste behavior (paste all properties) is applied.

As an example, “Copy Form” was executed for only the opacity (100%) of a mesh and “Paste Form” was executed to paste only the opacity (100%) to another keyform.
Thus, you can select only the information you want to paste.

The properties that can be selected in the dialog box differ for each object, divided by tabs.
The [Select All] and [Deselect] buttons at the top of the dialog box allow you to select/deselect all properties in the selected tab.

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