Live2D Cubism Tutorial

This is a tutorial site for Live2D Cubism.
For a detailed introduction of Cubism products, please refer to the “official Cubism website”.

(Updated 10/15/2021)


How to use the tutorial

This tutorial is for those who have never touched Cubism or want to know the flow of model creation in one step.
The videos, in order, will help you understand the model production process.
If you have questions or would like to learn more about a specific function or technique, please visit the manuals site.


Tutorial List

Live2D by Diagrams Basic Tutorial
Live2D by Diagrams (1 course) Basic Tutorial (6 courses) Tutorials for Embedded (6 courses in total)
Explains how Live2D works.
This is for people who want to know what kind of tool Live2D is.
The videos for each process are explained in more detail.
It is for people who want to learn Live2D.
This tutorial video explains how to prepare your models for integration into games and applications.




Template Tutorial
Template Tutorial (1 course in total) Live2D Glossary Motion Quality Improvement Tips
This section explains how to create a model using Live2D's template feature. AArtMesh, deformers, and more.
Live2D terminology with images and text
This is a page with easy-to-understand explanations.
For those who are attaching motions for the first time, “What to be aware of” is included.


Useful Functions  Sample Model Making Video  
Introduces useful features of Cubism.
Recommended for those who have learned basic operations.
 This is a making-of video of the sample model “Natori Jin”. You can see a series of processes of model making.  

◀ You can also DL the latest Editor for Cubism here.
Please refer to this page when you want to know something about a particular function or want to understand it in more depth.
Sample models created by Live2D are also available.
It can be downloaded from the manual.
Original illustrations, Live2D data, etc.
The right to use and process 2D assets can be bought and sold.
Manual for Cubism SDK.
If you are an SDK user, please click here.
For useful information about Live2D
Go here.
Explains the basic usage of Cubism SDK
Users ask each other questions and introduce what they have made.
If you have questions about any part of the tutorial/manual that you do not understand, ask questions.

3.3 Caution for updates

[Note when exporting the model]
Live2D models created with Cubism 3.3 or later versions of Editor cannot be loaded by third-party applications that do not support Cubism 3.3 or later versions.
Please check carefully if your product is compatible with the Cubism 3.3 model.
Cautionary Note on Cubism 3.3 Update


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