Sample Model Making Video

This is a making-of video of the sample model “Natori Jin”. DL of the sample model is here!

You can also download the latest Cubism Editor here.

There is no explanation of the operation of Editor itself in the video, but you can see a series of processes for creating models using Live2D Cubism.
Also included is not only modeling but also motioning, which we hope you will find useful in your production.


Deformer Creation [0:08]
Mesh split [3:41]
Facial motion attachments [6:10]
Facial motion attachments [8:24]
Body moving attachment [11:01]
Motion attaching of sway [11:47]
Arm motion attachments [12:21]
Addition of arm diff [14:52]
Preparing to export data [20:27]
Preparation of expression data [21:08]
Motioned [21:41]



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