20mins to learn ‘A-I-U-E-O’ mouth (Japanese vowels)

You can download the latest Cubism Editor here.

◆ You can download sample data “mao_mouth opening and closing_import.psd” here.

※Read the Free Material License Agreement before use.
※*A sample completed file “mao_mouth opening and closing_Completed ver.cmo3” and an audio file “mao_mouth opening and closing_Voice sample.wav” are also included.

By having your character blink or move their mouth, you can create the impression that the character is alive.
In this video, we will explain how to make the mouth of ‘A-I-U-E-O’ using the sample data “mao_mouth opening and closing_import.psd” .
By learning while working with the sample data that you have actually downloaded along with the video, you will deepen your understanding and quickly experience the fun of Live2D.

Tutorial Video (Subtitled in English)

After trying the sample data, the next step is using your own original illustration.
To learn model production processes, check Basic Tutorial.

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