Stroke ArtPath / Re-stroke ArtPath

(Updated 06/10/2021)

This function creates and edits ArtPath to match the stroke.


Stroke ArtPath / Re-stroke ArtPath

By clicking on the ArtPath tool icon, then, from the Tool Details palette,
selecting [Stroke ArtPath] (1) or [Re-stroke ArtPath] (2) to execute it.

* Create/edit ArtPath with strokes can be set up as shortcuts.


Stroke ArtPath

To create, select the [Stroke ArtPath] icon in the red frame.

Dragging on the view creates an ArtPath.

Re-stroke ArtPath

To edit, select the [Re-stroke ArtPath] icon in the red frame.

Edit to select and draw the vertices of the ArtPath you want to deform.

A “green arrow” now appears at the control point of the ArtPath.
This represents the direction in which the ArtPath was drawn.

[Re-stroke ArtPath]
depends on the order in which the ArtPaths are drawn. When editing, please draw according to the direction of the “green arrow”.

Tool Details


This is the “spacing” setting for the vertices of the ArtPath that will be created when drawn.
Small spacing creates an ArtPath with more vertices and large spacing creates an ArtPath with fewer vertices.

Pressure settings

The Opacity and Brush Size values are the values that will be applied to the opacity and line width of the control points of the ArtPath being created.
If the pressure setting is checked, the pressure will be 0.0 to 1.0 times higher depending on the pen tab's pressure.

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