Help menu

Updated: 11/21/2023

This section describes the Help Menu.

User ManualDisplay the “Live2D Cubism Manual.”
Live2D Web PageDisplay the “Live2D Web Page.”
Download PageDisplay the Cubism “Download Page”.
Sample ModelDisplay the Cubism “Sample Model” download page.
Creators’ forumDisplay the “Creators’ forum.”
Live2D HelpDisplay “Live2D Help.”
FAQDisplays the “Frequently Asked Questions.”
Tutorial VideoA dialog box will open, guiding you to the tutorial video.
See the “Live2D Cubism Tutorials” page for more information.
Message from Live2DA dialog box will open with a message from Live2D.
Activate licenseA dialog box opens to register the license.
Deactivate LicenseA dialog box opens to cancel the license.
Online License AuthenticationA dialog box opens for online authentication of the license.
Open Purchase PageOpen the “Purchase Page.”
Display OperationVisualize mouse and keyboard operations.
Open log fileOpen the log file.
Open Auto Backup FolderOpen the automatic backup folder.
For more information, please refer to the “Automatic Backup Function” page.
Update historyDisplay “Update History of Cubism Editor.”
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