Truck Track

(Updated 08/25/2022)

Models, images, etc. in the animation track can have their coordinates moved by the placement & opacity of the property group.

[Track Trajectory] shows/hides the trajectory of the coordinates in the animation view.
In addition, the range and display color can be set in the [Track Track Settings].


Enable track trajectory

Select [Show] menu → [Track Trajectory] → [Animation View] to show/hide the view.


You can also show/hide the [Track Track Settings] from the button at the bottom of the Animation View.



Display of track track settings

Select [Show] menu > [Track Orbit] > [Track Orbit Settings].


Alternatively, you can also select [Track Trajectory Settings] from the triangle button at the bottom of the Animation View.



Set range and display color

Open the [Track Track Settings] dialog to set the range and display color.


Sets the range of orbit display.


Set the display range from the current time forward and backward from “Time” and “Frame”.

Pre-display range:

The previous display range is from the start to the current time.

Post-display range:

The post display range is from the end to the current time.

In the “Time” display range, specify a value in seconds, and only that range will be displayed in the view.
The “Frames” display range specifies the number of frames, and only that range is displayed in the view.


Display color

You can set the “line color,” “frame color,” “keyframe color,” and “border color” for the track's path.
*“Border color” can be specified by checking the border checkbox.


Three presets are available in advance: “Default,” “Simple,” and “Frame”.
*If you set the color settings yourself, the “Custom” setting will be set automatically.



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