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Updated: 04/08/2024

About the Material Separation Photoshop Plugin

The Material Separation Photoshop Plugin is a Photoshop plugin that makes it easy to perform material separation, the preliminary step in Live2D modeling.
It allows for semi-automatic cutting out, color filling, and transparency filling of material.
(Adobe® Photoshop® software)

Operating requirements

OSWindows 10, 11 (x86 64-bit version)
(If no GPU is available, processing will be performed by the CPU. Processing with a CPU will take more time.)
Recommended: NVIDIA GPU with 8 GB RAM or more
*It may not work with older NVIDIA GPUs. This issue will be fixed in alpha2.
Corresponding versions of PhotoshopPhotoshop 2023, 2024
Photoshop must be installed beforehand.
If it is not installed, the plugin installation will fail.
Free spaceAbout 6 GB required for installation
Internet connection environmentRequired for activation

Please check the following before downloading.

About AI Technology

Adopted AI technology

The Material Separation Photoshop Plugin utilizes two types of AI techniques: “Cut Out” and “Color Fill / Transparency Fill.”
These AI techniques employ DeepLearning technology that infers the color and alpha values of newly created layers from information surrounding the selected area, and do not use image generation AI based on diffusion models.
Therefore, there is no possibility of infringing on the copyright of the learning data, so please feel free to use it.

Learning data

Among the works submitted to “nizima,” those for which we have received permission to use them in AI research are used as learning data.
For more information, see the “Live2D AI Research Policy and Request for Cooperation.”

Terms of Use

The application is subject to the Editor’s Terms of Use.
Please be sure to read the Editor’s “Software License Agreement”before downloading and starting the software.
By downloading or launching the software, you agree to the Terms of Use.

A Live2D Cubism PRO license is required to use the Material Separation Photoshop Plugin.
Install Cubism Editor on your device and activate the Cubism Editor license.
Note: Available even during the 42-day Live2D Cubism 5 trial period.

For information on how to install and activate Cubism Editor, please refer to the following.
Launch Cubism Editor

If your Cubism Editor license is not activated

If the Cubism Editor license is not activated, an error message will appear.
In this case, please activate the Cubism Editor license and restart Photoshop.


If the license is not activated, the output layer will have a logo watermark.
(It is possible to confirm the operation.)


Click the following button to download the “Material Separation Photoshop Plugin.”

Please feel free to post your problems and requests in the forum.
Live2D Creators’ Forum

Update Information


[03/18/2024] Live2D_Cubism_5_Material_Separation_Photoshop_Plugin_R1_alpha1

《 Additional functions 》

  • Newly released.
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