Window Menu

Updated: 11/21/2023

This section describes the Window menu.

Switch to the Modeling Workspace.

Switch to the Animation Workspace.

Form Animation:
Switch to the Form Animation Workspace.

Reset Current Layout:
Reset the palette placement, returning to the initial layout.

Update Initial Layout:
Update the initial layout so it is the same as the current layout.
Valid only for Custom Workspaces.

Workspace Settings:
Open the Workspace settings dialog box.
For more information, see the “Custom Workspace” section under “Workspace.”
Hide palette/Show paletteHide/show all palettes.
Duplicate TabDuplicate and add the currently selected tab.
Switch to Previous TabSwitch to the previous tab.
Switch to Next TabSwitch to the next tab.
Set All Views to Same Display PositionAlign the Views on all tabs currently displayed.
Reset StatusReset the state of the View area.
DeformerDisplay the deformer palette.
InspectorDisplay the inspector palette.
Tool DetailsDisplay the Tool details palette.
LogDisplay the log palette.
ParameterDisplay the Parameter palette.
Part(s)Display the Parts palette.
ProjectDisplay the project palette.
TimelineDisplay the timeline palette.
SceneDisplay the scene palette.
TemplateDisplay the Template palette.
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