Automatic Generation of Four Corner Forms

(Updated 05/19/2022)

This function automatically generates a form for the four corners of the multiplied parameters.
Mainly used to generate the four corners (diagonal faces) of [Angle X] and [Angle Y].

The creation of [angle X] and [angle Y] is explained in the tutorial video, so please refer to that as well.
-> Basic Tutorial 5. XY facial motion

The following is an example of creating 8 face orientations utilizing the [Automatic Generation of Four Corner Forms].


How to Use Automatic Generation of Forms for the Four Corners

First, make four directions, up, down, left, and right.


As a preliminary step, unlock the part that contains the object from which the form was created.
Click on the lock icons in the figure below to lock and unlock the unit at once.

Click on the [Modeling] menu -> [Parameter] -> [Automatic generation of four corner forms].

The same operation can be performed in the Palette menu of the [Parameter] palette under [Automatic generation of four corner forms].


The [Auto Generate Four Corner Forms” dialog box will open.

In [Parameter 1] and [Parameter 2], select the parameters to which you wish to apply the blend.
In this case, we will create a face orientation XY, so we will use “angle X” And “Angle Y”.

The [Parameter Value to Reference] to be used as a basis for blending specifies the form to be used as a basis for blending.
The two settings that can be specified are [Default Value] and [Center of Parameters].


When [Parameter Value to Reference] is [Center of Parameter], the four corners are generated from the median of the minimum and maximum values of Parameter 1 [Angle X] and Parameter 2 [Angle Y] and the forms (2), (3), (4), and (5). (Same behavior as up to Cubism 4.1)
When the [Parameter Value to Reference] is [Default Value], the four corners are generated from the default values of Parameter 1 [Angle X] and Parameter 2 [Angle Y] and the forms (2), (3), (4), and (5).

Under [Overwrite Key], a check box allows you to specify where the auto-generated results should be overwritten.
In the [Overwrite Key] column, [Top Left] corresponds to the key at position (8), [Top Right] to position (6), [Bottom Left] to position (9), and [Bottom Right] to position (7).


The [Options] section is primarily concerned with the blending target.
In this case, since we are creating both ArtMesh and Deformer forms for the orientation of the face, we set the target to [All drawing elements and deformers].

Clicking the [OK] button generates the diagonal four-corner form.

If you feel uncomfortable with the automatically generated forms, you can manually modify the forms of the objects in the four corners.
Once the correction is made, it is complete.
(Be aware that if you apply [Auto Generate Four Corner Forms] after manually adjusting the forms in the four corners, you will lose the manually adjusted forms.)

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