External Application Integration

Updated: 06/25/2024

The external application integration function allows for communication with external applications to interact with the editor.
You can set and retrieve model parameters.

nizima LIVE linkage

It also works with nizima LIVE.
For details, please see “How to use Cubism linkage.”

External application samples

For information on implementing external applications, please refer to the “Live2D Cubism Editor External API Integration” for developers.
Samples are available on GitHub.

External application integration settings

You can display the external application integration settings dialog box from the [File] menu -> [External Application Integration Settings], or from the [Preview] menu in the physics settings dialog box.

(1)Port numberSpecifies the port number to connect to. The default value is “22033.”
If another application is using the same port number, it cannot be used, so please set it so that there are no duplicates.
Once a port number is connected, it can be selected from a list.
The list can be reset from the [Settings] menu -> [Reset port number history].
(2)Toggle switchON: Enables connection to external applications.
OFF: Disconnects and disables all connected external applications.
(3)Allow remote connectionsWhen this checkbox is checked, remote connections with external applications are allowed.
(4)External applicationsDisplays information on currently connected external applications.
(5)DisconnectYou can disconnect a connected application from the right-click menu.

How to connect external applications

Set the port number and click the toggle switch to enable connection to external applications.
Once you have connected the external application you wish to use, check the [Allow] checkbox.
Permission is required to use the external application integration function.


If an unexpected external application appears, do not allow it.

Clicking the toggle switch again disconnects all connected external applications.

Remote connection

If you want to make a connection from a different machine, check the [Allow remote connections] checkbox.


Checking it may result in malicious attacks from third parties via the internet.
Please be sure to check your router and local network settings and use it with caution.

Inserting keys into the timeline using the linkage function

A key can be inserted in the timeline of the model track with the value of a parameter received from an external application.
This function is available in the Animation View and the Form Animation View.

(1)Recording (1 frame)Inserts a key into the timeline with the parameter values sent from the external application. While pressed, it is reflected in the current frame.
(2)Recording (multi-frame)Inserts a key into the timeline with the parameter values sent from the external application. The frame advances while the button is pressed.

External application integration indicator

An indicator in the lower right corner of the Editor allows you to check the connection status of the external application integration.
The icon turns green when the connection is active.
Indicator will be animated while external apps are being linked.
Double-click on the indicator to enable/disable the connection.
Right-clicking displays a pop-up window that allows you to enable/disable the connection or display the setting dialog box.

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