(Updated 08/27/2020)

The Log palette is a palette that displays a log of the processing that occurred on the Editor.


About Log Palette

(1) Log The various processes that occur on the Editor are recorded.
Double-click to display a larger dialog.
The logs are color-coded as follows:
Green: Normal
Yellow: Warning
Red: Error
(2) Turn on log output / Turn off Log output can be turned on or off.
Since the logs provide important clues in the event of problems with the Editor, it is basically recommended that they be turned on at all times.
(3) Copy displayed logs You can copy the logs displayed in the log palette.
Paste it into a text editor, etc. and make use of it.
(4) Open Log File Open the folder where the log text file “log.txt” is stored.
There may be multiple “log.txt” files, and the full text of the log refers to all “log.txt” files stored in this folder.
(5) Clear displayed logs Deletes all logs displayed in the log palette.
The log files stored in (4) are not affected.



Utilize log files

When reporting problems or making inquiries, please provide us with log files so that we may address them promptly.
Note that file paths may contain personal information such as user names, etc.,
so please be careful when pasting in places where it can be viewed by an unspecified number of people.



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