Lightweight playback function

(Updated 07/09/2021)

This section describes the lightweight playback function.

What is the lightweight playback function?

Lightweight playback is a function that reduces the load on the timeline palette during animation playback without updating some of the display.
When lightweight playback is enabled, the animation will play at normal quality, but the parameters and values on the timeline palette will not be updated.
This is more effective in reducing the load on animation files that require heavy drawing processing, such as those with many tracks.
In cases where animation playback is choppy due to heavy drawing processing load, enabling the lightweight playback function may enable smooth playback.

Depending on the composition of the animation files and the machine environment in use, the effect of load reduction may not be realized.


Enable lightweight playback

Click the hamburger button in the upper right corner of the timeline palette to open the [Palette Menu].
Checking the [Lightweight playback] checkbox enables this function.


Difference in behavior when lightweight playback is enabled or disabled

When disabled

Sliders and values of parameters are updated during animation playback.

Effective time

Parameter sliders and values are not updated during animation playback.

If you do not need to see the parameter sliders and value transitions during playback, it is recommended that you check the lightweight playback checkbox.


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