Setting up parent-child relationships

(Updated 01/30/2020)

There are many ways to set up a parent-child relationship.
On this page, you will learn how to set up three patterns.


Setting on the Inspector Palette

1. Select an object
2. Click [Deformer] in the [Inspector] palette
3. Select the deformer to be the parent



Set on the Deformer palette

1. Select an object
2. Drag an object and drop it on the deformer you want to store

If you hover the mouse over the deformer while dragging the object you want to store,
the deformer name turns orange during the ride.



Set when deformer is created

1. Click on [Create Warp Deformer] or [New Rotation Deformer]


2. From [Add to], select [Set as Parent of Selected Object], [Set as Child of Selected Deformer], or [Specify Deformer Directly]

A newly created deformer will be created according to the settings selected in [Add To].

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