File Collection

Updated: 09/03/2020

By running [Gather files] in After Effects, you can copy materials in your project and organize them into a new folder.
(After Effects project files and materials in the project for use in AE plug-in)

This is useful when sharing data, such as when working in a team.

How to Collect Files

Click on [File] menu -> [Dependencies] -> [File Collection].

A folder will be created with a copy of the collected items in the designated location.

The following materials will be collected in the (Footage) folder.

  • cdi3.json
  • moc3
  • model3.json
  • cae
  • physics3.json
  • png
  • userdata.json

Folders themselves cannot be collected, so textures and other items that were in a folder will be collected using the same hierarchy.

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