Freeze Function

(Updated 05/19/2022)

This function is used to stop specific properties to check motion, position, etc. on the Timeline.


Set Freeze

1. Set the indicator to the position of the keyframe where you want to stop the movement.
2. Click on the small freeze button for the property and decide which property you want to freeze.
(Multiple selections can be made by dragging on the button. Also, clicking freeze on a parameter group will fix all the properties inside.)

3. Press the large Freeze button in the upper left corner of the Timeline to activate Freeze.

Frozen properties are displayed in gray and marked on the specified keyframe.


Other Specifications

Freezable Properties

Freeze can be set to the following properties.
• Properties in “Live2D Parameters” (including parameter group folders)
• Properties in “Placement & Transparency” (excluding frame step)


Edit Lock During Freeze

When a property is frozen, editing operations are locked and you cannot change values or move, insert, or delete keyframes.


Option Menu

The ▼ button on the right side of the Freeze Start button can be used to set/reset freeze in a batch as follows.
• Freeze all
• Freeze selected properties
Freeze properties not selected
• Cancel all freezes


Shortcut Key

Shortcut keys can be assigned to the large freeze button and the options menu.


Video Export Options

The freeze effect is also reflected in the exported video and sequentially numbered images.
In that case, the Export Settings dialog will indicate in red text that parameter freeze is enabled.

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