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Updated: 06/25/2024

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Note: Updates to the beta version are also reflected in the official version.

5.1.00 beta1 (06/25/2024)

Cubism Editor 5.1 alpha version will be available until Monday, July 22 (JST).
After this date, all alpha versions will no longer be available.
Please note that all alpha versions of Cubism Editor will no longer be open to the public after the release of Cubism Editor 5.1 beta.


《 Additional functions 》

  • Added “Home” function.
  • Added “external application integration” function.

《 Improvement items 》

  • Fixed a bug that caused some dialog boxes to appear off-center in the main window.
  • When the record button is pressed, a hint message is now displayed stating that recording should be done with the Editor active.
  • Fixed a problem in which keyboard shortcuts did not work when a floating palette was active.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some unintended keyboard shortcuts to work when the focus was on a text box in a floating palette.


《 Additional functions 》

  • Enhanced “model template” functionality.
  • Added the “Apply 3D Expression” function.
  • Added “Auto Generation of Deformer” function.
  • Added “Auto generation of sway motion” function.
  • Added the ability to show/hide ArtMesh vertices.
  • Added “Delete all empty parts” and “Delete all empty deformers” to the parts palette menu.
  • Added “Delete empty parts” to “Manipulation of child part(s)” in the right-click menu of the parts palette.
  • Added “Delete empty deformers under child” to the right-click menu of the deformer palette.

《 Improvement items 》

  • Fixed a problem in which the display remained when the file was closed after using “Parameter refine search.”
  • Adde the deformation ability that does not affect warp deformer bounding box objects when the default form is locked.


《 Improvement items 》

  • Fixed a problem in which an error was output to the log when importing scenes.
  • Fixed a phenomenon in which the reference folder for sequentially numbered image tracks could not be replaced.

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