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(Updated May 11, 2020)

This page introduces questions and answers about how to use Cubism Editor and check specifications.
Please refer to those who are considering introduction.

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Important Notices

cmo3 files, can3 files, and cmp3 files are backward compatible.
Old files can be used with newer versions, but the reverse is not supported so please note the following:

Model file / animation file created / saved with new version of editor Part(s) The file cannot be opened correctly in older versions of the editor File corruption There is a possibility to do. New version of the editor If you want to edit the data created with Self-responsibility Please use at.


・ Please see the following items if the freeze occurs when using the macOS version.

Q28 macOS version Cubism When I try to operate Editor, it sometimes freezes ...

· For details on the target version, please see the following items.

Q29. When I load the model I will ask the target version, which one should I use?



Q1. What software do you do?

A1. Live2D Cubismは、完全「2D」のまま一枚絵に立���表現を施すソフトウェアです。

Please check the product page for details.
Cubism Product page


Q2. Do you have a manual? / I want to know the operation method

A2. Yes. I prepared it.

Please check from the top page of the product manual.
Cubism Editor manual

Please check the tutorial page that explains the procedure for creating a model.
Cubism Editor tutorial


Q3. Please indicate the required environment and recommended environment

A3. Yes. I am preparing.

In the following pages Cubism It is described in Editor operating environment, so please check it.
Cubism Editor operating environment


Q4. Do you have a Mac version?

A4. Yes, we have.

It is listed on the following page, so you can check it.
Cubism Editor operating environment


q5. Can I read the 2.1 model?

A5. It is possible to read.

When you load cmox into Cubism3 Part(s) The order of palettes is forcibly reversed.
In addition, IDs etc. can be used as they are due to script support in 3.X and later.
Therefore, the ID has been changed to the following specifications.

· half size alphanumeric characters and _ (underscore) only
· up to 63 characters
· can not start with numbers

when loading the 2.1 model (cmox), i will convert it as follows, so i would like to acknowledge it beforehand.

2.1仕様で取り得るユーザが設定したIDの値 type After conversion
D_HAIR_FRONT_001.00 Artmesh d_hair_front_001_00
B_BODY_001.02 Deformer ※ 1 b_body_001_02
_BODY_001.02 Deformer ※ 1 _B_BODY_ 001 _ 02
10_BODY_001.02 Deformer ※ 1 _10 _ B _ BODY _ 001 _ 02
parts_01_hair_front_001 Part ID parts_01_hair_front_001
param_eye_l_open Parameter ID param_eye_l_open

※ 1 same specification for both rotation and surface


q6. Can I export data for 2.1?

A6. You can export with Cubism3.

In Cubism3, you can basically export.
However, there are some restrictions, so please check the following precautions when converting.
For example, when using data created with Cubism3 in "Viewer" etc., it is necessary to convert it to an ID for 2.1.

[Notes on Conversion]

  1. We have implemented Cubism 2.1 cmox file export.
    Please note that the association with the original picture of PSD will expire.
    (There is a possibility of responding in the future)
  2. WarpDeformer the number of divisions of conversion is set as the same value as bezier's division number in 2.1.
    in 3.0 it is possible to directly edit the split point for conversion, so to convert it to 2.1, such a conversion is necessary.
    * however, when there are too many divisions of conversion such as for movies, since the handles are set for all control points, the operation becomes heavy
  3. deformed paths are deleted without being converted for 2.1.
    in addition, the new functions and settings of 3.0 are not converted / reflected.


Q7. Can you read Euclid data?

A7. There is no compatibility.

Unfortunately there is no data compatibility between the two sides. please note that.


Q8. Do you have a viewer?

A8. Yes.

Viewer is from Cubism3 Physics Some functions including "" have been integrated into the Editor.

Q9.  Glue What is ~? How do you use it?

A9.  Glue What is Artmesh This is a function that automatically picks up the vertices.

The weight (ratio of adsorption) can be adjusted, and the ratio can be gradually changed.
Detail is" Glue Please see the page.


Q10. I can not find an Animator ...

A10. Integrated from Cubism3.

Previous Cubism 2.1 Modeler , Animator , Viewer (partial function) is integrated from Cubism3 and can be managed by one Editor.


Q11. Do you support exporting movies?

A11. Yes.

Detail is Export images and videos Please see the page.

Q12. I found a behavior that seems to be a bug ...

A12. I'm very sorry ... Please contact the community.

The community is here.


Q13. Do you have a dedicated community?

A13. Yes, we have.

We have a community on Live2D. Please join us.


Q14. Are there any manuals other than Japanese?

A14. Yes, "English", "Chinese" and "Korean" are supported.

Please use the language switch at the top of the manual page.

Q15. Do you have books?

A15. Yes.

"Full-scale animation made from Live2D textbook still image illustration"
Release date: September 10, 2019
Publisher: MDN Corporation


q16. Does the interface support 4 languages?

A16. "Japanese", "English", "Chinese" and "Korean" are supported.

Please use the installer for each language when downloading.


Q17. Can I read the model with the AE plug-in?

A17. It is supported from Cubism3.

For more information About AE plug-in Please check the page.


Q18. Can I make models for VR?

A18. Yes, it is possible.

Although it varies according to specifications, basically the model structure itself does not change.


Q19.  Artmesh I can not edit it normally.



3.0.05 has been changed so that mesh editing can not be completed if it has only vertices of 2 points or less.
Can not edit normally created by 3.0.04 Artmesh For somewhat troublesome we will restore it with either A or B below.

【Recovery method A】

  1. In an incorrect state Artmesh The Part(s) Select and delete from the palette.
  2. From the project palette> model image, select the image you want to resurrect and right click " Artmesh Create ".
    By this operation, the Artmesh Is generated.

【Recovery method B】

  1. In an incorrect state Artmesh The Part(s) Select from palette.
  2. Press the “Manual Edit Mesh” button to start editing.
  3. Switch to “Model image display”. (At this stage you can see the image and mesh)
  4. Edit the mesh to make it an appropriate shape with at least 3 points. (In the future, mesh editing cannot be completed with 2 points or less.)
  5. Complete mesh editing.
  6. If the texture is not displayed properly, press T twice to display the original image.
    (Or execute "Modeling" menu> "Texture"> "Switch between original picture and texture atlas" twice)


Q20. I loaded cmox, but the color of the model changes slightly.

A20. The texture display method has been slightly changed from Cubism 3.0. If you feel a change in color please try the recovery method below.

【Recovery method】

  1. Click "Edit Texture Atlas" on the tool bar.
  2. Click "OK" as it is.
  3. Atlas of texture is updated and color is restored.


Q21. Audio file can not be read.

A21. BGM and audio files can be used only in wav format. Currently not yet compatible with the format such as mp3.

BGM and audio files can only be used in wav format.
Some of the same [wav format] has some unsupported formats, there are cases where warnings are displayed and can not be read.
In that case, there is a possibility that it can be read by encoding to the corresponding [wav format (16 bit, 44100 Hz)].


Q22. Model is not displayed on the view.

A22. There is a possibility that part of the "original picture" layer has broken link.

Parts and Deformer If model information is displayed on the pallet, recovery may be possible.
For the recovery method, refer to " About the link between the original image and the model image Please check the page of.


Q23. Do you have a FREE version? What is the difference from the PRO version?

A23. Yes.

Download Here From. The difference from the PRO version, Function comparison list Please refer to the. There is also a Trial that can be tried by the PRO version and there are periods too!


Q24. Model does not work with Viewer or FaceRig.

A24.  Parameter(s) It is necessary to change the ID for 2.1.

When converting the model created by Cubism 3 for 2.1, it is necessary to convert the ID.
The ID used in the Viewer and FaceRig has the specification of Cubism 2.1, so the model will not work with the ID of Cubism 3 as it is.

The ID conversion method is " Convert ID Please check the page of.


Q25. The behavior of Editor is unstable ...

A25. There is a way to increase memory usage.

With the new function of ※ 3.1 "Optimizing Java memory secured amount of editor", the following setting is no longer necessary.
  However, if you want to control memory usage by yourself, please make the following settings.
(Update: November 29, 2017)

Cubism In the editor, 4GB is initially specified as the maximum memory size that can be used.
If you experience problems such as large textures that cannot be loaded or slow animation playback, you may be able to solve this problem by increasing the maximum memory usage.

For details on how to change the memory usage, see " Operation check Please check the page of.


Q26. Editor does not start.

There seems to be a case to solve by updating the graphics driver.

"CUB 3 - 1293 = Failed to initialize OpenGL, please check that your computer meets the operating environment"
A message like this will appear, and the startup may fail.
This is a warning when you are in an environment where OpenGL 3 can not be used, but with graphics driver update
There seems to be a case to solve it. Please confirm that the latest graphic driver is installed.

For more information" What to check when the Editor does not start up normally Please check the page of.


q 27. Shortcut keys using numbers do not work ...

A27. Numeric keys lined up at the top and numeric keys lined up on the numeric keypad are treated as separate keys.

Cubism The shortcut keys of the Editor treat the numeric keys arranged at the top of the keyboard and the numeric keys arranged on the numeric keypad as separate keys.
For more information" Shortcut key list Please refer to the page.


Q28. MacOS version Cubism When I try to operate Editor, it sometimes freezes ...

A28. Turning off the resident application that affects the operation of the mouse may resolve it.

When using a resident application that affects mouse operations, etc. Cubism The phenomenon that Editor freezes occurs.
If this issue occurs, with the resident application turned off Cubism Thank you for using the Editor.


Q29. Cubism When I load a model in Editor 3, I'm asked for the target version. Which should I use?

A29. In the project, 3.0 SDK Please select "Cubism 3.0 (3.2)" to use.

【About target model version setting】
· Cubism 3.0 (3.2):   Set it to the same expression as the old version.
  Before 3.3 SDK Please use here if you use.
· Cubism 3.3:   Set this when you want to use the function introduced in 3.3.
  3.3 SDK Please use here if you use.
  In addition, with the new feature of 3.3 SDK Functions affected by [ WarpDeformer Conversion] only.
  There is no problem even if you create a model created with versions up to 3.2 with the target version of [Cubism 3.3]
  Before 3.3 SDK If you continue to use it, In the moc3 export setting, the export version is set to " SDK 3.0 / Cubism 3.0 (3.2) correspondence "
  Please specify it.

  In addition, WarpDeformer Since there are some notes in the conversion part of " WarpDeformer Conversion "Please refer to.


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