Script for Photoshop

(Updated 09/04/2019)

Two types of scripts that can be used to create PSD for import are distributed.
Please use it because it is a convenient script.



Please download from the following page.

"Script download for Photoshop"



The following processing is performed on the Photoshop layer structure to convert it into a layer that can be imported by Live2D.

  • Glue Join ( Glue (* Is not combined if * is added to the beginning of the name)
  • Merge layer masks
  • Combining clipping masks
  • Delete path information (* 1)

* 1. "If the PSD saved in PhotoshopCC2019 includes a work path, it cannot be imported correctly."
        As a countermeasure for the problem, the path information was deleted before combining.


update history

v1.4 ( 2019/04/08)

  • The processing at the time of combining has been speeded up.
  • Fixed a bug that the drawing result changed depending on the processing procedure.
  • Fixed an issue that could not be combined properly in Quick Mask mode.

v1.3 ( 2019/02/28)

  • Fixed not to apply when the layer mask is not valid.

v1.2 ( 2019/02/25)

  • As a workaround for the problem `` If PSD saved in Photoshop CC 2019 contains work paths etc., it can not be imported normally ''
    The path information is deleted in advance before combining.

v1.1 ( 2014/08/23 )

  • Hidden Glue Resolved an issue where a group was hidden after processing.



Remove small debris from the Photoshop layer structure.


update history

v1.1 ( 2015/02/03 )

  • In the user's environment, the Quick Mask setting is "Color the mask range"
    Solved the problem that does not work properly when
  • Glue The player's contents can now be removed.


  • Glue Make sure that the group name and layer name are not the same.
    * Glue If the group name / layer name is duplicated, the drawing of one layer will be deleted.
  • Please use it after applying Live2D_Preprocess script.

Introduction method

When the Zip file is expanded, a script file (.jsx) is generated.
Open the PSD image file you want to process in Photoshop, and start processing by one of the following methods.
  • Drag and drop the script file into the gap next to the tab with the file name to start processing.
  • When you select a script file in Photoshop> File> Script> Browse, the process starts.
  • Put the jsx file into the Photoshop script folder.
    Windows: C: \ Program Files \ Adobe \ Adobe Photoshop CC (64 Bit) \ Presets \ Scripts
    Mac: Applications / Adobe Photoshop CC / Presets / Scripts
    Once you have placed the file in the folder, restart Photoshop.
    Now you can run it from the [File] menu-> [Scripts].

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