About form animation (FA)

(Updated 09/09/2019)

This page explains the form animation (FA) function.

What is form animation?

Form animation Parameter(s) This is a convenient function for video production that allows you to directly edit the model form on the animation editing timeline without going through.

Does not affect model data , Object Can be transformed freely.
On the timeline Object You can directly operate and hit keyframes for form animation.
It is also possible to finely adjust the timing with the time remap function.

Form animation is a function dedicated to the target “video” SDK Cannot be exported.
Please be careful when creating data for installation.
( Physics The contents of the form edit will not be reflected when checking the movement in the scene blend setting.


Open form animation view

Load the can3 file and click the [Start Form Edit] button on the model track.

The form animation view opens.



Screen structure of form animation


number name Details
Form animation view View dedicated to form animation editing
I want to edit a form Object Can be selected
Show / hide label Form editing is set Object Show as label
Label (blue) Edited in adjustment mode 2 Object Show labels for
Label (red) Edited in adjustment mode 1 Object Show labels for
Label (green) Edited in both adjustment modes 1 and 2 Object Show labels for
Animation preview Show animation view as background


number name Details
Form edit start button Open form animation view and start form editing
Form editing properties Glue The Properties for form editing Glue The
Form edited Object Is displayed
Adjustment mode switching Switching between adjustment mode 1 and adjustment mode 2
Turn on / off form animation Turn off form animation on animation view
Part(s) Show / Hide Part(s) Only hide
Reset form editing Reset the form shape and hit the default key
shy Shy can be set under various conditions


Saving form animation edit data

Edit data of form animation is saved in can3.
Even if you close the form animation view by mistake, the data is retained if the animation view is open.
(If you press the form edit start button again, the form animation view opens and the key is displayed.)

However, Part(s) Since changing the display state or lock state of the product affects the model data,
If you want to keep those changes in the form animation view, you must also save the model data.


Points to note when editing model data

Object The configuration of

Changing the structure of model data to which form animation is applied may affect the form.


After change Automatic recovery However, because the structure changes, the shape may be slightly different.
(Please note that the previous operation of animation cannot be undone at that time)

  Change before After change
Mesh state

Model data is automatically recovered when changes are made in the following cases.
・Artmesh Mesh reorganization
・WarpDeformer The number of conversion divisions
Art path control points   Such


Deformer Change parent-child relationship

Basically after editing the form, Deformer We recommend that you do not change the parent-child relationship of
Please note the following points if you need to modify the model data.

parent Deformer (D1) Was set Object (A) When editing the form, modify the model data Object (A) Parents Deformer The (D2) If you change to, the form will collapse.
This problem occurs only in [Adjustment mode 1].

To avoid this problem, the direct parent Deformer When is changed, the following warning is displayed and the form editing information is discarded.
(Please note that the previous operation of animation cannot be undone at that time)

Applied form editing Object of Direct parent Deformer If is not replaced, there is no problem.


Example of a collapsed form:
I edited the form Artmesh In WarpDeformer When adding

 No collapse  There is collapse
 Directly to parents WarpDeformer Is set to the parent above it WarpDeformer Even if you set, the form will not collapse.  Direct parent WarpDeformer Newly between WarpDeformer Set Artmesh If the parent of is changed, the form will collapse.

Above is Artmesh Of direct parents WarpDeformer As an example,
Deformer Direct parents Deformer The same is true for.


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