About Expression

(Updated 04/05/2021) 
This page describes what to expect when using Expressions for Live2D effects.


Precautions when using Expressions

When using expression to browse the properties of a part parameter, an expression error may be displayed.
Errors are displayed when properties are referenced by name.

effect("Live2D Cubism Renderer")("Angle X")


This error is temporary due to the plugin's specifications, and in fact the plugin works normally even if the error appears.
If there is no error elsewhere in the expression, moving the time indicator or performing some other action will clear the error indication.

If this behavior bothers you, you can avoid displaying the error by specifying the property using the property index as follows.
(The index can be checked by holding down the Alt key and pressing Stopwatch in Properties.)

effect("Live2D Cubism Renderer")(1011)

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