Cubism Launch Editor

here Cubism Explains how to install Editor and activate the license.


Download installer

First, from the official website Cubism Download [Installer] of Editor.


Click the orange [Download Latest Version] button to start downloading.
Cubism The Editor is divided into Windows version and macOS version, so please download according to your OS.

If successful, [Live2D_Cubism_Setup_X.X.XX_en.exe] will be downloaded for the Windows version, and [Live2D_Cubism_Setup_X.X.XX_en.pkg] will be downloaded for the macOS version.

If the downloading does not go well, such as downloading the old version please delete the browser cache before downloading.
For deletion of the cache please check the manual of your browser.



Windows version

Double-click the icon of the downloaded installer to execute it.


Dialog [Do you allow this application to make changes to the device? ] Is displayed, click [Yes].

Dialog [Live2D Cubism The Welcome to the XX Setup Wizard is displayed.
Click Next to go to the next screen.


the dialog [license agreement] will be displayed, so please check the contents of the contract.
if there is no problem with the contents of the contract, check [i agree to this license agreement], click [next] and proceed to the next screen.


dialog [please select installation destination. ] is displayed.
select the folder you want to install, click [next], and proceed to the next screen.


dialog [please select a component. ] is displayed.
check the required components and click [install].


installation begins.
please wait until it is completed.


When the installation is complete, the dialog [Live2D Cubism The XX setup wizard is complete. ] Is displayed.
Click [Finish] to exit the installer.



macOS version

Double-click the icon of the downloaded installer to execute it.


The dialog [Welcome to Live2D_Cubism_Setup_X.X Installer] is displayed.
Click [Continue] to go to the next screen.


the dialog [select installation location] is displayed.
select the disk you want to install and click [continue] to proceed to the next screen.


The dialog [Standard installation on “Macintosh HD”] is displayed.
Check the displayed capacity and click [Install] if you do not need to change the installation location.


dialogue [the installer is trying to install new software. ] is displayed.
enter [user name], [password], and click [install software].


installation begins.
please wait until it is completed.


when the installation is completed the dialogue [installation is completed. ] is displayed.
click close to exit the installer.




Once installation is complete, Cubism Start Editor.
First time Cubism When starting Editor, the [Start] dialog for selecting a license is displayed.

If activation has already been completed, even if you update to a new version you do not need a license authentication procedure.


PRO version

To authenticate PRO version, select [Activate PRO version · Trial version].


The "Register license" dialog opens.


Enter the license key and click [License Authentication].


The license is authenticated.
Click [OK] to end activation.



Trial version

Select [Start free trial of PRO version] to authenticate trial version.

Click [OK] and start up as [Trial Version].

the free trial version can be used for 42 days from the date of first launch.
after the trial expiration date, a dialog like the one shown below will be displayed.

In this case, clicking the [OK] button activates the editor with the functions related to saving and export restricted.


FREE version

To use the FREE version, select [Launch as FREE version].


Click [OK] and start up as [FREE version].

If you want to activate the PRO version from the FREE version or the trial version, click [Help menu] → [Activate license] to display the license authentication dialog.
For the detailed procedure, please refer to the item "Activation / PRO version" above.



License release

To cancel the license, click [Help Menu] → [Release license].

The same license can not be used in multiple environments.
Please cancel license when using it in other environment.



if there is a file being edited, a confirmation dialog opens.
click [yes] to open the [save] screen and save the file you are editing.
if you click [no], you will proceed to cancel the license without saving the file being edited.



The license has been released.
Click OK, Cubism Exit Editor.



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