Linking Source Image to Model Guide Image

Updated: 09/04/2019

This page is for Cubism version 4.2 or earlier. Click here for the latest version.

The source image imported as a PSD will be displayed in the Editor as a model guide image.

How to Deal With Problems When Images Are Not Displayed

If the link to the source image is broken due to some error, the image may not display properly in the View.
In that case, try the following methods for possible recovery.

Recovery method

The log palette will display the name of the unlinked object in error, so follow the instructions in the log to correct it.
(The log palette pops up when you double-click in the palette.)

In this article, we will use this error log as an example to explain the procedure for dealing with the problem.


  1. ArtMeshes with broken links are displayed in red at the bottom of the log palette ([ERROR] Error @ [paper])
  2. From the Parts palette, select the ArtMesh with broken links
  3. Develop the “Source Image” in the project palette
  4. Right-click on the layer that was showing an error
  5. Select “Set as input image for selected object”
  6. Save the file and re-open it to check if it is displayed properly
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