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Updated: 05/19/2022

This page is for Cubism version 4.2 or earlier. Click here for the latest version.

This section describes the Show menu.

Show Grid
(Modeling View)
Display a grid in the Modeling View.
Guide LinesShow Guide Lines (Modeling View):
The guide lines set in [Modeling Mode] can be displayed.

Show Guide Lines (Animation View):
The guide lines can be displayed in [Animation Mode].
(This is a unique guide line, not the guide line set in [Modeling Mode].)

Add guide lines to the coordinates of the selected vertices:
Vertical and horizontal guide lines corresponding to the vertices of the selected object are added.

Guide Line (Modeling View) settings:
Guide lines can be set at any position by entering numerical values.
You can also change the position and color of previously created guide lines.

Snap Moving Vertices to Guide Line:
The moving vertex can be snapped to the guide line.

See the “Guide Line Function” page for detailed instructions.
Show ArtMesh’s Vertex NumberShow the ArtMesh’s vertex number.
Highlight Vertices Which Stick Out From the Parent DeformerHighlights vertices that extend beyond the parent deformer.
Highlight Deformer’s Child ElementsHighlight child elements of the selected deformer.
Shortcut key [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [D]
Show Child Elements When Resizing Warp DeformerThe size and position of the child elements will be visible when the warp deformer is resized.
 (Warp Deformer, Rotation Deformer, ArtMesh)
Hide Selected StateWhen an object is selected on the canvas, the UIs (ArtMesh vertices, mesh lines, and deformer border lines) are hidden.
Focus on the Selected ObjectFocuses on the selected object.
Shortcut key [F]
Display TypeChange the image displayed when editing the model.
Shortcut key [T]

Model Guide Image:
Display model guide images.

Texture Atlas:
Display texture images from the Texture Atlas.
Show QualityLighten the weight of the model guide images displayed when editing models to make them run more lightly.
The quality of model guide images is not affected.

Full Scale:
Display model guide images at full size.

Display model guide images at 1/2 size.

Display model guide images at 1/4 size.

Display model guide images at 1/8 size.
 Show/Hide Bounding BoxChange the bounding box displayed when an object is selected to be shown or hidden.
Onion SkinConfigure the onion skin settings.

Modeling View:
Display the onion skin in the Modeling View.

Animation View:
Display the onion skin in the Animation View.

Form Animation (FA) View:
Display the onion skin in the Form Animation (FA) View.

Onion skin settings:
Open the Onion Skin Settings dialog box.
See the “Onion Skin” page for details.
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