Grid Function

Updated: 12/20/2018

This page is for Cubism version 4.2 or earlier. Click here for the latest version.

This section explains how to switch and adjust the display of the grid, which serves as a guide when creating keyforms.

Show/Hide Grid

Click [Show] menu -> [Show Grid (Modeling View)] to show or hide the grid.
You can use this as a guide for the amount of deformation when creating keyforms.

You can also toggle the display of the grid by pressing the [Show/Hide Grid] button at the top of the View area.

Adjustment of Spacing

You can adjust the grid spacing by clicking [File] menu -> [Setting] -> [Grid settings].

Grid Color Change

You can edit the grid color from the [Tool Details] palette.

Example of Use

It may be used in conjunction with snapshots to guide the amount of deformation when creating keyforms.

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