[Last update: 01/30/2020]



This is a sample of a Live2D model rendered correctly with the projection setting of MainCamera set to “Perspective”. Live2D models can be displayed with the same camera as the 3D model.

What functions can be checked?

  • You can check Cubism's rendering capabilities.
    • CubismRenderController

Easy to use

You can see that moving the main camera on the scene in the XYZ axis moves it closer to or away from the Live2D model.

How to set up a scene

  1. Make sure Back To Front Order is set in CubismRenderController -> sorting -> Mode for BackToFrontOrderKoharu on Hierarchy.
  2. Make sure Perspective is set in Camera -> Projection of MainCamera on the Hierarchy.
    • If anything other than Perspective is set here, the image will not render well as shown below.

For a detailed explanation, please click here.

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