Cubism Core API Reference

[Last updated on 07/07/2022]

The Cubism Core API Reference PDF published on this page

covers the role, usage, and API specifications of Live2D Cubism Core in Live2D Cubism SDK for Native.


Target group

• Live2D Cubism SDK for Native users

• Those considering implementing wrappers to call Core from other languages (Java, Python, etc.)

• Those who are considering incorporating the software into other programs or platforms, such as game engines


Functional Classification of Core and Framework

The following diagram illustrates the relationship between Application, Core, and Framework and the roles of their functions.

Core is used by both Application and Framework.

What is Core?

Core is a library with APIs necessary to handle models (.moc3 files) created using Cubism 3 or later editors. The features are described below.

• The API consists of C language.

• Core does not allocate and destroy memory by itself. Since the required amount of memory is requested by Core, the user must allocate the specified amount and pass it to Core.

• Drawing functions are not included. The role of Core is to calculate vertex information according to the parameters of the model, and the user obtains the calculated vertex information and information necessary for drawing (UVs, opacity, etc.) from Core for drawing. The drawing functionality is provided by the Framework as a reference implementation, so there is no need to implement it on your own.

The above features make the design highly portable and platform-independent.


Japanese version PDF file

Download: Cubism Core API Reference for Japanese (2.85MB)

[Last updated on 07/07/2022 r10]


Update History

Last updated Version number Classification Contents
07/07/2022 r10 Add Added description of the function to retrieve parameter types.
Add Added description of the function to retrieve the parent parts of an ArtMesh.
Add Updated “moc3 file version” and “csmGetMocVersion” to describe the versions that can be obtained.
05/19/2022 r9 Add Added explanations related to Multiply Color and Screen Color.
Added explanation related to obtaining information on keys set in parameters.
02/26/2021 r8 Revision Added explanation for the existence of Drawable with 0 in csmGetDrawableIndexCounts.
Revision Added explanation that in some cases valid addresses are not stored in csmGetDrawableIndices.
09/04/2019 r7 Revision Adjusted notation for Cubism Core and Cubism SDK
08/01/2019 r6 Add Added constant for moc3 file version
Addition of snippet with addition of ConstantFlag element
Added explanation of flags for mask inversion
Added description of mask inversion function
Add an Available Version field to individual APIs
Revision Typographical error correction
02/12/2019 r5 Add Added information on how to check file version 
Add Added API description of csmGetLatestMocVersion 
Add Added API description of csmGetMocVersion 
Add API for cmGetPartParentPartIndices added CoreVersion notation added 
12/20/2018 r4 Add Added “About moc3 file versions”
Add Added “Get Parent Part of Part”
Add Added API description of “csmGetPartParentPartIndices”
Revision Corrected typos and omissions. Modified wording to avoid ambiguity.
07/11/2018 r3 Revision Correction of typographical errors and omissions
Revision Modification of wording to avoid ambiguity
Revision Detailed modification of the drawing method specification regarding the drawing method and access to the mask
Revision Fixed a mistake in the API list where some arguments were marked with const
05/18/2018 r2 Revision Typographical error correction
PS Added information about the characteristics of the information obtained by cmGetDrawableVertexPositions
03/27/2018 r1 New New


English PDF File

Download : English Cubism Core API Reference (2.71MB)

[Last Update 07/07/2022 r9]


Change log

Update day Version Update Type Content
07/07/2022 r10 Added Added description of the function to get parameter types.
Added Added description of the function to get parent parts of ArtMeshes.
Added Updated obtained versions in "File version of moc3" and "csmGetMocVersion".
05/19/2022 r9 Added Added explanations related to multiply colors and screen colors.
Added explanations related to obtaining information on keys set in parameters.
03/01/2021 r8 Fixed Added an explanation for the existence of Drawables with a count of 0 in csmGetDrawableIndexCounts.
Fixed Added explanation of the case where csmGetDrawableIndices does not store valid addresses.
09/04/2019 r7 Fixed Adjusted notation of "Cubism Core" and "Cubism SDK"
08/01/2019 r6 Added Added a constant stands for moc3 file version
Added a snippet since the ConstantFlag element has added
Added a description of the Inverted Mask flag
Added a description of the Inverted Mask function
Added an item stands for the available version of each API
Fixed Typo fixes
02/26/2019 r5 Added Added "File version of moc3" 
Added Added "Getting the parent parts of the parts" 
Added Added the API description of csmGetLatestMocVersion
Added Added the API description of csmGetMocVersion
Added Added the API description of csmGetPartParentPartIndices 
07/20/2018 r3 Corrected Corrected errors of snipet
Corrected Corrected vague expression
Corrected Corrected omissions of letter in snipet
Corrected Corrected vague expression
Corrected Corrected mistake that const is included in notation of arguments.
Corrected Added more detailed explanation about rendering method of mask and how to access it
06/14/2018 r2 translation translation to English from Japanese

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