Cubism Unity Samples Extended

Updated: 05/09/2024


Cubism Unity Samples Extended is a sample project that demonstrates six use cases for the Live2D Cubism SDK for Unity.

The latest samples are available at Live2D-Garage.


See on Live2D-Garage Github.



See and on Live2D-Garage Github.

CubismUnitySamplesExtended (English) (Japanese)

How to Use

  1. Do a git clone with CubismUnitySamplesExtended or download the zip file and prepare a Unity project with the samples included.
  2. Import the Cubism SDK for Unity (.unitypackage file) by dragging and dropping it into the Project view.
  3. Samples can be found under Assets/Live2D/Extends.

Sample List

Sample nameDescription
BlurBlurs the mesh.
FollowingThe object follows the mesh.
FollowingColliderThe collider follows the mesh.
MaskLimitIndicates the upper limit of mask use.
MosaicApplies a mosaic pattern to the mesh.
SetTextureReplaces the texture.
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