LookAt (sample)

[Last update: 01/30/2020]



This is a sample scene that confirms the ability to track the line of sight to specific coordinates on a game scene.

What functions can be checked?

  • Two functions for eye tracking can be identified.
    • CubismLookController (attaches to Prefab of Cubism for eye tracking)
    • Class that implements ICubismLookTarget (attaches to what is being eye-tracked)
      • Sample scene uses ICubismLookTarget

Easy to use

When run, the Cubism model will continue to follow the line of sight of the target object moving to the left or right.

How to set up a scene

You can see that CubismLookTargetBehaviour is attached to TargetPivot -> Target on the Hierarchy. The model to which the CubismLookController is attached will follow the line of sight to this object.

Please click here to learn how to set up the model.

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