Motion-sync Settings (Unity)

Updated: 05/30/2024

This section describes the configuration data that can be changed on the SDK side to suit the user’s environment and voice.


For .motionsync3.json created with Cubism Editor 5.0.00 or earlier.

Cubism SDK MotionSync Plugin for Unity R1 beta2_1 corrected a calculation formula inside the core library of Cubism MotionSync. As a result, when .motionsync3.json exported by Cubism Editor 5.0.00 or earlier is read, the expression may be different from that of Cubism SDK MotionSync Plugin for Unity R1 beta2 or earlier. If you are using models created with Cubism Editor 5.0.00 or earlier, please re-export .motionsync3.json with Cubism Editor 5.0.01 or later.

Configuration data that can be adjusted by the SDK

1BlendRatioYou can set the degree to which the shape of the viseme is blended.
Values are floating point numbers in the range of 0.0 to 1.0. Values are exported to .motionsync3.json.
0.0: The shape is determined using the viseme with the highest probability.
1.0: Blends the corresponding shape according to the weight of the viseme.
2SampleRateThis is the unit of analysis when performing audio analysis. The unit is in fps, and values are floating point numbers in the range of 1.0 to 120.0. Values are exported to .motionsync3.json.
3SmoothingThis setting smoothes out the results of audio analysis and mitigates vibrations. Values are integers in the range of 0 to 100. The further you go to 100, the stronger the correction. Values are exported to .motionsync3.json.

This is the influence of volume on the analyzed speech results. The higher the value, the more importance is placed on the loudness of the sound rather than the result of the analysis. The range is a floating point number from 0.0 to 1.0.

* If the voice analysis method is CRI Lipsync, set this item to “0.0” to make the behavior match that of the Cubism Editor.

These settings are located in the Settings of the CubismMotionSyncController component.

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