[Last update: 01/30/2020]



You can check the drawing order settings when multiple models are drawn on the game scene. The projection of MainCamera in this sample scene is set to "Orthographic".

What functions can be checked?

  • You can check the function to control the drawing order when multiple models are placed on top of each other.
    • CubismRenderController (automatically attached when Prefab is created)

Easy to use

Run and you will see that Koharu's object is drawn before Clipping's model.

How to set up a scene

  • You can see that CubismRenderController is attached to Koharu on the Hierarchy. Sorting -> Order In Layer in CubismRenderController is set to 1.
    • Similarly, confirm that CubismRenderController is attached to Clipping on the Hierarchy and that Sorting -> Order In Layer is set to 0.
  • If there are multiple models, the model with the higher Order In Layer value is drawn first.
    • See here for an example of using sprites.

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