Usage with Cubism 4.2 or Earlier Models

Updated: 08/17/2023

This section explains how to use the motion-sync feature with Cubism models exported for 4.2 or earlier.

Export .motionsync3.json of the model you want to use

First, export .motionsync3.json of the model for which you want to use motion-sync in Cubism Editor 5.0.00beta1 or later.
See “Motion-sync Function” in the Editor manual for export instructions.

After exporting the file, place it at the same level as .model3.json in the folder of the model for 4.2.
The following information is for sample model “Hiyori.”

Modify .model3.json for models designed for 4.2 or earlier.

Then, prepare .model3.json.

In Cubism Editor 5.0.00 beta1 or later, overwrite the model exported for 4.2 with .model3.json exported for 5.0. When modifying the model exported for 4.2 or earlier, add the following line in FileReferences.
Note: The code below is for the sample model “Hiyori.”

"MotionSync": "Hiyori.motionsync3.json",

Import Models

After this, see “Usage in a Scene” to import and use the model.

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