Update imported models

[Last updated: 01/31/2019]

When updating a model once it has been imported into the project, for example when modifying the model,
if you drag and drop the model into Unity3D again, it will be imported as a new model without being overwritten.

To update the model, please follow the steps below.


Right-click on the moc3 file, model3.json file, etc., and click [Show in Explorer] for Windows or [Reveal in Finder] for Mac.

This will then open Windows Explorer or Mac Finder in the hierarchy of the file you right-clicked on.

On this Explorer or Finder, overwrite the file to be updated.

Finally, right-click model3.json in Unity's Project view and click [Reimport] to update the model's Prefab.




If you delete the Prefab when reloading, you must also delete the [moc3 name].asset.


About the Original Workflow Method

[Added on 01/31/2019]

Whether the updated Prefab is set using the conventional or the Original Workflow method will take precedence over the setting at the time of re-importation.

For example, if a Prefab is generated with the check box checked and then updated with the check box unchecked, the updated Prefab will not have any OW method components attached to it.

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