Update Cubism Components

[Last updated: 11/25/2021]

This section describes how to replace a Unity project that has been done in [Import SDK - Deploy Models] with the latest package.




There are two ways to obtain the Cubism SDK: from a package or from GitHub.

The package contains the latest Core libraries and CubismComponents at the time of its release, as well as examples that make use of them.

To apply Cubism SDK updates from GitHub to your Unity project, follow the steps described below.

If you are not yet familiar with Unity, please make a backup of your project beforehand before updating.



SDK updates can also be imported by overwriting the latest .unitypackage.
In this case, the library cannot be updated and the overwrite import may fail.
Please refer to the “Frequently Asked Questions” in the Cubism SDK Manual for details.


Get the latest packages

Obtain the latest package from the Cubism SDK download page.


Apply the latest packages to your Unity project

When overwriting an existing Unity project, it may not be possible to continue using Cubism Core on the Unity side and update it.

In this case, follow the procedure below to update the data.

  1. Save all currently used scenes.
  2. After saving is complete, create a new scene using “Ctrl+N” or similar.
  3. Restart Unity with the new scene created.
  4. Once Unity starts, overwrite the latest package.

If no compile errors occur after overwriting, the Cubism SDK update for the Unity project is complete.

If a compilation error occurs at this point, the following causes are possible.

  • Customizing the classes themselves included in the package
  • A class with the same name as the class added to the package already exists in the project



Starting with Cubism 4 SDK for Unity beta13, released on 01/08/2019, Cubism SDK is now compatible with Cubism 4.0.

The format of the built-in data exported from the Cubism 4 editor is .moc3 as before, but due to the lack of backward compatibility with added features such as mask inversion, the Cubism 4 method .moc3 cannot be read by the Cubism 3 SDK.
Conversely, the Cubism 4 SDK can read .moc3 in Cubism 3 format.
Based on the above, we recommend that you use the Cubism 4 SDK when creating a project from now on.

  Cubism SDK ver.
Cubism 3 Cubism 4

.moc3 ver

Cubism 3
Cubism 4 ×

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