Make the Draw Order of the model normal

Here, the model is Unity This will explain situations where drawing will not be done properly with the camera settings and how to solve them.


The model, Unity Depending on the camera settings on the above it will not draw well. As an example, if the projection setting of the camera is set to "Perspective", it will not draw correctly.
In that case, change it by changing the Projection setting to "Orthographic" or by setting the drawing mode of the model to "Back To Front Order".


Model Unity , The model may not be displayed correctly as shown in the image below.


In this case, you need to set the "Camera" → "Projection" setting of the main camera displaying the model to "Orthographic" like the image.
With this change, the model is rendered correctly.


Also, if you want to display with the same camera as the 3D model, you may not be able to change Projection settings.
At that time, it is attached to the model CubismRenderController.cs Change "Sorting" → "Mode" from "Back To Front Z" to "Back To Front Order".


If one of the above methods is used, the model will be displayed normally like an image.

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