Organize overlapping of multiple models

Here, when models are superimposed and displayed, the model Part(s) Will overlap, and how to solve them.


When multiple Live2D models are displayed in an overlapping manner, the Art Mesh of each model may be alternately overlapped.
To avoid this, we use the CubismRenderController component attached to the root of the model.



When overlaying and displaying models, as shown in the image below Part(s) There are times when it appears to overlap each other.


In this case, it is attached to the model CubismRenderController.cs You can solve it by changing the numerical value of "Sorting" → "Order In Layer" inside.
The larger the Order In Layer number, the more it will be displayed on the plus side of the Z axis.


Using this, if you set the value of Order In Layer of the model on the left to 1, it will be displayed in front of the model on the right.


There is a caveat about numerical values ​​of Order In Layer.
That means that depending on the model's drawing method the numerical value will change.

When the drawing mode of the model is "Back To Front Z", the problem of overlapping with a small numerical value (1 or 2) is solved.
When the drawing mode of the model is "Back To Front Order", a certain large number (100 or 200) is necessary.

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