Updated: 02/19/2024

Click on the icon to open the menu item.

nizima Account

You can check the information of the nizima account you are logged in to.



User name

Set the user name to be displayed to participants during collaboration.

Language settings

Set the language of the UIs.

Advanced Settings

Drawing FPS

You can select 30FPS or 60FPS.
This indicates how many frames are switched and displayed per sec. Setting this to 60FPS produces a smoother display than 30FPS, but increases the load on the PC.

Physics FPS

You can select 30FPS or 60FPS.
This represents the internal calculation setting for the physics operations of the model displayed in the window.
By matching this setting with the setting in Live2D Cubism Editor at the time of model creation, the fluctuation range in physics calculations, etc., can be made the same as that displayed in the Live2D Cubism Editor.
In Live2D Cubism Editor 4.2 or later, if the calculated FPS is exported to the physics settings file, that value will take precedence.

Enable OBS plugin

Enable the OBS plugin; see here for more information about the OBS plugin

Enable shortcut when screen inactive
Enable shortcut keys for facial expressions, motion, screenshots, etc. even when the screen is inactive
Immobilize the screen in the foremost plane
This feature allows nizima LIVE to appear in front of other applications.
The main applications include the ability to check the movement of a Live2D model while playing a game during game distribution, or to create a simple layer structure on the desktop for easy distribution instead of creating layers in OBS.
Fixed with window size
Fixes the window size. The size is fixed even if maximize is pressed.
Apply physics when dragging
Apply physics when dragging and moving the model.
Apply gravity to physics calculations
Applies gravity to physics calculations when the model is rotated.
Movement delay

Sets the speed at which the model is dragged and moved.
The higher the value, the faster. The default value is 100.



Set a shortcut key for taking screenshots.
The F3 key is set by default.

Timer setting

Adds a countdown when the shortcut or screenshot button is pressed.
Default is off.

Where to save screenshots

“Open folder” opens the current storage location.
Change the destination with “Reference.”

File location

Model location, Background image location, Item location

You can open the folders where models in the Model List, images in the Background settings, and items in the Item list are stored and add or delete them directly.


To reflect the changes in nizima LIVE, it is necessary to restart nizima LIVE.


Please check the tutorial for instructions on how to use the system.


(Menu Item) ReloadManual reload when auto-detection fails, such as adding a scripts folder
Create buttonAutomatically creates a simple script if one does not exist
Clear LogClear all script logs
Automatic scrolling of logsAutomatically scrolls to the most recent log. In some environments, large amounts of logging may become heavy.
Automatic Reload

Simple file additions and deletions are done automatically.
Additions and deletions of scripts folders are not automatically reloaded.

Manual Reload
If it cannot be detected automatically, it must be reloaded manually.

Please check the tutorial for instructions on how to use the system.

Cubism plugin

Connect buttonStarts the connection to the Cubism Editor.
portPort number to communicate with Cubism Editor. The default value is the same as Cubism Editor.
Selection ModelThe model icons for sending parameters and automatic loading are displayed. The model selected in the main window will be selected.
Selection Model LockClicking on the lock icon activates it and the model selection in the main window is no longer reflected.
Parameter transmissionSends parameters of the selected model to Cubism Editor. By default, physics parameters are not included in the transmission.
Transmission of physics parametersOnly available when parameter transmission is on. Parameters to be sent will also include parameters that are driven by physics operations.
Sent only when physical operation is setParameters will be sent only when using the Physics Settings window in the Cubism Editor. Parameters are not sent in the modeling window, and the model will not move.
Delay in transmissionBy applying a delay, nizimaLIVE’s movement is reflected in the Cubism Editor model with a delay.
Automatic model loading upon exportWhen moc3 is exported by Cubism Editor, it is automatically registered in nizima LIVE and the model is displayed on the screen.
Overwrite and add new models without warningCan be selected from the upper right “…” menu. The file will be automatically loaded without warning.

Please check the tutorial for instructions on how to use the system.


About nizima LIVE

Version information and other information are found here.

Display the simplified function description

The simplified function description screen that is displayed when the application is launched is displayed again.


The nizima LIVE tutorial page will open.

Explanation of Screens

The nizima LIVE screen description page (this page) will open.

Contact Us

The Inquiries page will open.

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