Updated: 02/19/2024

Click the icon to open the menu item.

nizima account

You can check the information of the nizima account you are logged in to.



Set the username to be displayed to participants during collaboration.
Set the language of the UI.

Advanced settings

Drawing FPS
You can select 30 FPS or 60 FPS.
This setting indicates how many frames are switched and displayed per second. Selecting 60 FPS produces a smoother display than 30 FPS but increases the load on the PC.
Physics FPS
You can select 30 FPS or 60 FPS.
This setting represents the internal calculation setting for the physics operations of the model displayed in the window.
Match this setting with the setting in the Live2D Cubism Editor at the time of model creation to make items such as the shaking width of physics calculations the same as those displayed in the Live2D Cubism Editor.
In Live2D Cubism Editor 4.2 or later, if the calculated FPS has been exported to the physics settings file, that value will take precedence.
Enable OBS plugin
Enables the OBS plugin. Click here for more information about the OBS plugin.
Enable shortcuts when screen is inactive
Enables shortcut keys for facial expressions, motions, screenshots, etc. even when the screen is inactive.
Immobilize the screen in the foreground
Allows nizima LIVE to appear in front of other applications. Main applications include checking the movement of a Live2D model while broadcasting a game that you are playing and creating a simple layer structure on the desktop for easy broadcasting instead of creating layers in OBS.
Fix window size
Fixes the window size. The size is fixed even if you click the maximize button.
Apply physics when dragging
Applies physics when the model is dragged from one location to another.
Apply gravity to physics calculations
Applies gravity to physics calculations when the model is rotated.
Movement delay
Set the speed at which the model is moved when it is dragged.
The closer this setting is to 0, the faster the movement. The default value is 100.


Set a shortcut key for taking screenshots.
The F3 key is set by default.
Timer setting
Add a countdown when the shortcut or screenshot button is clicked.
The default is [Off].
Screenshot storage
Click [Open Folder] to open the current storage location.
Click [Browse] to change the storage location.

File locations

Locations of models, background images, and items

You can open the folders where models in the model list, images in the background settings, and items in the item list are stored and add or delete them directly.


To apply the changes to nizima LIVE, it is necessary to restart nizima LIVE.


About nizima LIVE
Displays version information and other information.
Display simplified function description
Displays the simplified function description screen that appears when the application starts.

Opens the nizima LIVE tutorial page.

Screen explanations
Opens the nizima LIVE screen explanations page (this page).
Contact Us

Opens the Contact Us page.

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