Background settings

Updated: 02/19/2024

Click on the background settings icon to open the background settings window.

Background image

Select a background image and click [Set as background] to apply it to the background.
Click “+” to add an image. (File format: PNG, JPG)

Note: Images smaller than the window size will be enlarged, so if you want to display a clean background, it is recommended to use an image equal to or larger than the window size.

Monochromatic background

Use HSV or RGB to select the color or enter the color code directly and click [Set as background] to apply the selected color to the background.

Transparent background

Select [Transparent background] and click [Set as background] to make the background of the model transparent.


You can set video as a background by loading the video from + and clicking [Set as background].
Video formats that can be loaded are “wmv, mp4, avi, and webm.”

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