nizima LIVE tutorial

Updated: 02/19/2024

This tutorial page is designed for those who want to take advantage of nizima LIVE features.
Operation procedure introductions are grouped by purpose.

Please refer to the nizima LIVE screen explanations for an explanation of each function and its corresponding screens.

  • You need to register as a member of nizima to use this service.
  • The free version has some functional limitations, such as how the logo is displayed.

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Table of Contents

Tutorial Update Information

[02/19/2024]: “How to take screenshots” was revised to bring it up-to-date.

[02/06/2024]: Added “How to use the plug-in function.”

[02/06/2024]: Added “How to use the script function (Beta).”

[10/17/2023]: Added “How to use hand tracking.”

[10/17/2023]: Added “Saving and importing templates for effect functions.”

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