Installation and Start Procedure

Updated: 07/11/2023

How to Install nizima LIVE

First, please obtain the nizima LIVE installer from the download page.

1. Execute the downloaded nizimaLiveSetup.exe to launch the installer.
2. Follow the prompts and press [Next].
3. Specify the installation folder and click [Next].
  • It is not possible to install in an existing folder, so please create a new folder by entering the name of the folder you wish to install in. If you have no particular preference, click [Next] without making any change (a new folder named “nizima LIVE” will be created).
  • If the path to the installation folder contains Japanese characters, the program will not start properly. If your Windows user name is Japanese, please specify a location where the path does not contain your user name.
  • All the contents of the newly created folder will be deleted when nizima LIVE is uninstalled, so do not put other files in the newly created folder afterwards.
4. Press [Next].
5. Please read the software license agreement carefully. Select “I agree to the software license agreement.” and press [Next].
6. Press [Next].
7. Press [Install].
8. The installation will begin. Please wait.
9. Press [Done].

How to Start nizima LIVE

From the “Start Menu,” click on the icon with the name you specified during installation.
If you cannot find the shortcut, execute “nizima_live.exe” in the “installation folder.”


At startup, if you receive the error saying that “The code execution cannot continue because VCRUNTIME140_1.dll is missing.” downloading and installing “Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2015, 2017, and 2019” may solve the problem.

Explanation of Screens

See the page below for an explanation of each screen and feature.


Please see the following page for instructions on how to add Live2D models, how to connect to an iPhone, and how to use the system for different purposes.

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