Adding a Live2D Model (nizima LIVE TRACKER)

Updated: 07/11/2023

The embedded Live2D model data is required for new imports. Search on the nizima Live2D official market or use Live2D Cubism Editor to create the data yourself.


The output data from nizima is the embedded Live2D model data.

1. Install iTunes on your PC.
2. Use a USB cable to connect your PC and iPhone.
3. Open iTunes on your PC and click the smartphone icon at the top of the screen.
From the settings that appear on the left side, select [File Sharing] and then [nizima LIVE TRACKER] from the list of apps that appears. 
4. From [nizima LIVE TRACKER Documents] on the right side of the screen, select [Models] and click [Save].

If you do not see [Save], you may need to scroll the screen down.

5. A window for saving the folder appears. Specify your desktop and click [Select Folder].
A folder titled “Models” is created in the specified location. 
6. Add the model data to the created “Models” folder.
  • Add the entire folder containing the embedded data.
    For the folder configuration, please see “Embedded Data” in the Editor manual.
  • Loading is not possible if the model texture size is larger than 8192 × 8192. Correct this by reducing the texture size.
7. Drag & drop the “Models” folder where the model data was added to “nizima LIVE TRACKER Documents” in iTunes.
8. An overwrite confirmation window appears. Click [Replace]. 
9. Click [Sync] in the lower-right corner of iTunes to synchronize your iPhone.
10. Restart nizima LIVE TRACKER on your iPhone and check that the new model has been added to [Model list] in the menu.

To delete a Live2D model, perform steps 1 – 5 above in the same way and then delete the appropriate model data from the “Models” folder in step 6.
The remaining steps 7 – 9 are the same as above.

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