Main Window

Updated: 07/07/2023

In the main window, icons for each function are displayed on the left side of the screen.

How to Operate Models and Items

MovementHover the mouse cursor over a model or item and drag it.
Movement of all models and itemsDrag with the mouse wheel button.
Zoom In/Zoom OutScroll the mouse wheel.
RotationCtrl key + scroll
Reset the position, expansion, contraction, and rotationEsc key
Hide the menuDouble-click anywhere except the icons.
Full screenF11 key

How to Operate Multiple Displayed Models

When multiple models are displayed, icons for the currently displayed models appear at the bottom of the window.

Model Selection

Clicking on a model with the cursor positioned over it will select that model.
You can also click on the model icon to select it.

The selected model is displayed with the model icon in a purple frame.
One or more models are always selected, and multiple selections are possible.

While a model is selected, click on the icon of “Camera settings,” “Expression/Motion,” “Parameter settings,” or “Model properties” on the left side of the screen to configure individual settings for the selected model.
Clicking on any other icon will allow you to make common settings for the entire main window, regardless of which model you have selected.

Selection of the next modeltab key
Model SelectionClick on a model.
Additional model selectionCtrl key + click on the model icon.
Deselection of multiple modelsClick on the background.

Model Icon

The model with the icon displayed on the right is displayed in the foreground.
The model icons can be moved to swap their positions.

The icon image set in Model properties is automatically cropped in the shape of a square and displayed as the model icon image.

List of Icons in the Lower Right Corner

Take a screenshot.
The background currently selected for the main window is applied. (A transparent background is also supported).
Save model settings
Saves configuration information about the model, such as parameter settings and model properties, in .live.json format.
The screen description page (this page) will open.
Lock operation
Locks the movement and scaling of the model. Click it again to unlock the model.
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